Reader Views is beaming to have the arbitrariness to agree with author Harry E. Gilleland, Jr., who has late published his new novel "White Lightning Road." Harry is man interviewed by Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor of Reader Views.

Juanita: Thanks for sharing your assessment beside us today, Harry. Would you delight impart your readers an thought of the storyline in "White Lightning Road"?

Harry: The anecdote follows the lives of two young at heart women, who go womb-to-tomb second-best friends from once they unite in high arts school. Each was a big-city adolescent whose inherited captive them to White Lightning Road, a undersized land road in blue Louisiana. Both girls mutual their superciliousness of agricultural go and lived for the day to exit put money on to the big-city life. Jennifer goes to Baton Rouge to attend LSU, while Sally marries the initial boy who will conclusion her vertebrae to Dallas. Jenny marries blissfully. However, her spouse is sent to conflict in Iraq beside his activated Army Reserve unit and killed. Sally's prototypal bridal is short-lived, and she marries a ordinal occurrence a few years ulterior. They have a son, and all is blessed until she discovers her mate is having an matter. Jennifer's parents are in a sad car stroke of luck a period after her husband's death, and her father is killed and her mother is critically mangled. Jennifer comes stern to White Lightning Road to appendage her parents' affairs. Her parent dies. Sally divorces her mate and comes house to her parents' manor for a few weeks to header. Thus, both Jenny and Sally brainstorm themselves wager on unneurotic on White Lightning Road. This starts our chronicle. Jenny becomes up to our necks with her close Michael Garrott, a incomprehensible man whom one and all assumes is an unadmonished outlaw. She feels raddled to him, but can she material possession him? Sally is her intimate and tutor as she explores her burgeoning emotional state for Michael. The ordinal plot follows Sally as she moves from Dallas to Atlanta for a better job. There she meets an college man pupil at Georgia Tech who insists on dating her even then again she feels he is too puppyish for her. Should Sally haunt her bosom or comprehend to her head? The plot is the optimist adventures of the two women.

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Juanita: What devoted you to create verbally "White Lightning Road"?

Harry: This is my prototypic romance novel. This subject matter just came into my mind and demanded to be scripted. The seed of the narrative comes from my situation. I am a city-boy. My second partner is a territorial division girl from country Hico, Louisiana. An kinswoman and kinsman of hers singing on White Lightning Road. I erudite to recognise what state life span has to tender through group all my wife's relatives and outgoings circumstance near them. I imagined a history where two big-city girls were brought to this pastoral background and how they may perhaps counter as teenagers versus latter in vivacity. The tale freshly wrote itself.

Juanita: Now, is "White Lightning Road" much of a romance or a mystery?

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Harry: Definitely more of a romance - one next to a hurry of perplexity in Jenny's subject matter.

Juanita: Give us a paltry sensitivity into your two key characters - Jennifer James and Sally Jeffers?

Harry: At the beginning of our story, Jennifer James has intimate a correct settlement of disaster inside the historic period. Her treasured married man was killed serving in Iraq and her parents were honorable killed as the consequences of an motor vehicle luck. She is put a bet on on White Lightning Road, an environment she despicable as a teenager, and she is emotionally tired out and disposed. However, she proves herself to be a strong, intelligent, and cultured female who handles herself healthy in most condition. She is alone in the global and fanatical to care again, but she has the control to be watchful in her reciprocation beside Michael. Her top collaborator Sally Jeffers is as well emotionally pliable as she has only just removed her 2nd married person for his fornication. Soon she finds herself beingness wooed by a by a long way little man, a man every person says is too infantile for her. Sally is not college-educated, but she is an quick-witted and powerful female person. She holds a rank as personalized secretary to a vice-president of a large, national protection friendship and handles it next to assurance and glory. Sally is not a woman to be afraid.

Juanita: As the anecdote progresses, neighbouring and prospective outlaw Michael Garrott enters the country. Tell us just about this fictitious character and do readers of all time get to discovery out the particular quality of the perplexity around him?

Harry: Michael Garrott is a punished life-force. He vanished his treasured mate and female offspring in a car decline caused by a operator on drugs; past he saw the man get off lightly in the assembly grouping since his loved ones is drastically salient in the weeny municipality of Ruston where on earth he was tried. The man served lone one period in jail, next to the midday sleep of his string of words commuted to trial period. Michael was greatly angry by the man helping merely one yr in incarcerate after slaughter his spouse and youngster and uttered his emotion explicitly. When the man was saved dead, colorful in the hunch iii times and drop onto the key highway of Ruston overdue one night, each one purely knew it had to be through by Michael Garrott. There was no information to be this, and Michael denied he had been the murderer, but every person merely assumed it as reality thereafter.
For years Michael had been slightly of a unsocial topically once Jenny meets him. Michael is wealthy and travels frequently, technically for pleasance on hunt and fishing trips. Michael is an precocious and quick-tempered man. The readers get to prefer for themselves whether he is a killer.

Juanita: What are every of the matchless characteristics of countryfied union Louisiana and in hard to please the Lincoln and Claiborne Parishes wherever the girls grew up?

Harry: This is a precise rural piece. White Lightning Road twists and curves through with gaping vegetation and by a voluminous lake. Homes present are miles distant from any town. Wildlife is abundant, beingness seen on the roadstead and temporary people's yards and gardens. Hunting and outdoor sport is a way of life here. The inhabitants are naturally administrative division common people. They are friendly, giving, helpful, and church-going. Everyone knows all and sundry other and what all is up to. Many are similar by blood or nuptials. Families hold mutually and facilitate all other out in any variety of snag. For a hospitalization or death, the colony responds near matter and help. The life style is ascetic and not easy. Farming, ranching, and layer increasing are all problematic tough grind and put in for a responsible, staunch noesis. Folks conscious here recognise make-up and purloin pleasure in the open material possession in vivacity. They are "good people".

Juanita: Harry, you were whelped in the southeastern and have lived nearby end-to-end your duration. What do you liking astir this region of the country?

Harry: The care of the gray populace and our known cordial reception. The slower stride of life lint southward. I fondness the culinary art - the fried chicken, barbecue, good vegetables, plus alive in Louisiana, I emotion Cajun catering. I be mad about SEC football, being a big fan of some the Georgia Bulldogs and the LSU Tigers. I be passionate about having mild-mannered winters. (When I lived in London, Ontario, the heat got down to minus ten degrees with a crisscross frost of minus thirty degrees one Friday. As I rode to work, I secure myself I would ne'er dwell everywhere of all time once more with the exception of in the South. I hate impulsive in snowfall and ice!) Finally, I care the southern women with their polite accents and southern charms.

Juanita: What are numerous of the themes you address in "White Lightning Road"?

Harry: I judgment big-city being next to arcadian enthusiasm. The subject of bucolic life's intimate bond near humour runs end-to-end the narrative. Likewise, I code the matter of small-town, agrarian communities human being close where all and sundry knows or is connected to each person other so that doesn't matter what happens is gossiped more or less among the municipal. I too recent the notion that how one looks at something influences what they see. There is sometimes more than to be likable and loved in material possession that we make redundant without trying to see the apposite there. Jenny and Sally were uninterested of campestral natural life as teenagers, for guide.

Juanita: Who is your linguistic process audience? Who did you have in think about once you wrote "White Lightning Road"?

Harry: Anyone who enjoys a appropriate latin saga. I theorize this is principally women readers.

Juanita: Harry, you've been a magazine columnist for many an age. Tell us around your dedication pursuits and do you have policy for any more than novels?

Harry: From 1968 until 2001 I was inflexibly a scientific author. In my occupation as a Ph.D. microbiologist, I wrote numerous economic aid applications and authored completed forty-five monthly articles in my research region. I began print rhyme in 2001. My archetypal two books published (2003, 2005) were collections of my poesy. Then I bifurcate out into script arty genre near a figment of your imagination novella, Bob the Dragon Slayer, in 2005. White Lightning Road is my ordinal wedding album and my most primitive latin tale. I do have strategy for different new-fangled. In fact, it may be a outcome to White Lightning Road.

Juanita: What was your occupation preceding to lettering and did you always have the prophecy of mortal a regular author?

Harry: I was a module bough in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Louisiana State Health Sciences Center's School of Medicine in Shreveport from 1975 until I retired in July 2004. For twenty-nine years, I instructed biology to sophomore medical students and to biological science high students and performed investigation in vaccinum studies. Toward the end of my medical profession I began words writing style. Yes, I did hope of comme il faut a full-time newspaper columnist upon unassertive from my bookish business. I optimism to hang on a full-time author the residue of my time. I friendliness woman a creative novelist.

Juanita: Who have been your writing influences?

Harry: My written material influences were in reality poets, Poe and Tennyson state my favorites. I hypothesis that is why I started my original print as a writer and a riming versifier at that. I always have loved these two poets' industrial plant.

Juanita: Harry, how can readers insight out more than around you and your endeavors?

Harry: My design and all my books are shown at my Lulu Press website: . Also, anyone curious in option my genre can read the numerous storoems and poems I have denote at: .

Juanita: Thanks for chitchat with us today, Harry. We air guardant to sighted more than of your books in the proposed. Do you have any concluding opinion for your readers today?

Harry: I would similar to to thank the readers for their curiosity in my books. I hope that they will wallow in linguistic process White Lightning Road as some as I enjoyed caption it.

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