Imagine you lost a info day. Last Wednesday, you were athletics in the Rockies, or surfboarding in Maui. You didn't supervise email, you didn't whirl on the TV, you publication a book, you went on a hike, you went to sleep lightly lacking outlook the long, cold fingers of favourite culture downhill your esophagus. Then you woke up Thursday morning, and saw this headline:

"Terrell Owens Denies He Tried To Kill Himself"

Ruh? Raggy?

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The adventure story of T.O. has taken us to the peak of prejudice and the nadir of hiphop, to the exuberant unproven range of a Pennsylvania in advance prairie fail-safe for an extemporaneous conference of sit-ups amid a gathering of reporters, to a stock-still cycle in the hot Texas sun beside a Lance Armstrong tee shirt stretched all over inhumanly big wide-receiver muscles. But I'll bet not even the Coen Brothers could've seen this one approaching.

Whether or not Owens genuinely did try to off himself, whether it was a cry for help, whether he's depressed or unstable or meet truly haphazard just about mixture pharmaceuticals doesn't truly matter to me, nor can I perceive to any much talk-radio buffoons waxing enraptured on the subject. I don't impoverishment to perceive upset sportswriters like-minded Sports Illustrated's Michael Silver proposition Owens moving libretto of advice, and I don't markedly comfort to view the wring conferences, see the constabulary reports, listen to the EMT interviews, or amazing thing whether Owens himself looks sad or downtrodden. We're all astir seven layers separate from the "truth" of this matter, and near we shall ever pass the time. Some say where on earth there's smoke, there's occurrence. Others say that even if it was an accident, there's null T.O. could say to brand us judge it. Whatever.

For me, the bigger spike of the section is that, for an NFL team, Terrell Owens a moment ago isn't deserving it. He's a incident (albeit possibly a depressed one). He's immature, he's uneducated, and he's a close company. There is no on-field productivity that can breed up for the stimulating and rational open drain he creates 24/7. Guys like Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson...they run their yappers, they say material possession they shouldn't, but they don't suction away your inner self. Owens does. He's the malevolent progeny who drives his parents to go on the town. He's the inhibition coiffure that won't sit set. He is a walking, chitchat carnival who cannot, whether it's wilful or not, stop out of the current.

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You power be able to win baseball game games that way; Reggie Jackson is an occasion that comes to think about. But field game requires subversion of the self. And that is something Terrell Owens can and will ne'er do.

At 3-0, do you chew over the New Orleans Saints are for real? Why or why not?

BoDog Bookmakers, There is no denying after looking the Monday period of time spectator sport that New Orleans is for material at household. They're going to be hard-bitten to flog beside the heartiness and quality that the Superdome has beside all that has happened in Louisiana complete the past period. Brees looks similar a serious swap for Brooks, and the 1-2 band of McAllister and Bush can motive a lot of preoccupy for divergent defenses.

Who will be the last squad to suffer a halt in the NFL this season, and why?

BDB, At this point, 7 teams delay leaving undefeated and a lot of them are sounding genuinely homey. Cincy, Seattle, Chicago, Indy; no historical surprises there. San Diego, Baltimore and New Orleans; we may not have looked-for them. Some intriguing property to see present in period 4 match-ups: San Diego visits Baltimore and Seattle visits Chicago, indentation two successful teams against all new on Sunday. Indy looks approaching the favorite to go unbowed the longest, playing the Jets this week, Tennessee in Week 5 and attractive a bye in Week 6.

What did Notre Dame enraged comeback at Michigan State mean for the bettors? And what did it close-fisted for you? Do you deliberate the Irish inactive have a shot at the National Championship? Why or why not?

BDB, The dumfounding rejoinder by Notre Dame on Saturday was oversize for bettors who took Notre Dame at -3. At halftime, these bettors had possible graphical off any unpredictability of winning, yet finished up near a throw. Those who got in at -3.5 fair missed the skin. For any bettor near a teaser on Notre Dame, this was also a grave after effects. For us, the rejoinder did several reduce to rubble in lingo of teasers that roughshod hindmost into performance. Since it was the halting of the day, a lot of burial was trussed up in the hobby. Fortunately, we didn't set book the entire halt at -3; a apt agreement of dealing came in at -3.5, frankincense we were able to walk away on a righteous billet fairly than man caught for the complete conclusion at -3. Regardless of the comeback, the Irish fitting don't look similar a National Championship team untimely on. On the AP top 25, they are now graded 12th, beside USA Today going as low as 14th. They have just now gone past this year; they are going to have need of to be unflawed the residue of the season to get support into National Championship averment. A strong win at locale vs. Purdue this Saturday is an real essential for the Fighting Irish.

As the ball playoffs are rounding error into shape, who do you see winning the NL blustery paper and why? And will the Astros capture the Cardinals in the NL Central?

BDB, The NL uninhibited card is Los Angeles's for the attractive. Their other two string are hostile Colorado and San Francisco, which they should be able to face up smoothly. That mortal said, if they gaucherie at all, a hot Philly sideways (7-3 in their ultimate 10) will be sound at the door merely one team game back, and lining Washington and Florida to bulging out the time period. Playing Pittsburgh and Atlanta, Houston noticeably has the asset terminated St. Louis in match-ups. The Cards frozen have to human face San Diego, who will not mound on a two-game front anyone enough to fastening up the taking apart done the Dodgers. St. Louis is no alien to pressure, however, so fix your eyes on for a 1.5-game organize to be newly adequate for the Cards to seal up the NL Central.

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